Any way to sync database?

I’m fairly sure Rocksor is using a database. I’ve got some issues where the ‘disks’ menu attributes a drive to a pool incorrectly. I’ve got 2 pools that aren’t listed because they were made outside the GUI (necessary work-around right now due to GUI limit with a lot of drives) and I can’t add them through the disks page because of the first issue.

Scan disks doesn’t appear to have any effect.

Is there one or more commands that could be run that would in effect sync the database with the real state of things?

Yes, Rockstor does use a database (PostgreSQL). However, what do you mean by ‘made outside the GUI’?

The pools were created on the command line because there is/was (not sure in the new version if it’s corrected or not) a bug that prevents all drives from being listed when creating a pool through the web GUI.

Have you filed a bug for this issue yet? Also, can you replicate this bug?

Yes it was mentioned and acknowleged here. Disks unavailable to add to pool

To recreate this you need to have enough disks that the disks view has more than one page. Any disks that show on the 2nd page do not show to select for any pool interaction such as creating or expanding pools.

Ok cool. I’ll have this sorted out by the next release update.

Sounds good, thanks!

+1 need this function
I had a lot of work done in CLI like changing RAID level etc back to the early Rockstor version 3.5. With so many work done outside of the GUI, majority functions in the GUI are broken as database not in sync with what it is actually.

@seijirou Please confirm the fix. It was rolled out in 3.8-2

@seijirou We’ve added support in 3.8-2 for detecting system level changes to disks, pools, shares and snapshots dynamically when you visit their corresponding screens in the UI. Is this still an issue after 3.8-2 for you?


Unfortunately I’m the guy with the page not found errors that we’ve been emailing about, so I can’t load the GUI currently to check.

Yes, sorry I couldn’t reply yet. I think you may have tinkered with the db beyond repair. I am inclined to suggest the following.

  1. Reinstall Rockstor OS
  2. Update to the 3.8-2(latest)
  3. Go to disks page and import all your pools.

You will unfortunately lose users, samba exports and other configuration you may have now. I am willing to troubleshoot a bit more before throwing in the towel and reinstalling, but it could take some time for me to respond. You decide.

Not a problem. I’ve got a couple of days at least before I’d do a reinstall. I’m about 40% through a 500gig upload @ 15mb/sec and I want that to complete before I take this NAS offline. So definitely a couple of days left at least :wink: