BTRFS on partition

HI All,

I installed rockstar on a single disk (3ware raid5) and in created a traditional boot and swap partition and installed bars in partition 3.

I used another disk and created 3 partition and on partition 3 i created a btrfs manually. How can you use the btrfs on partition so that it show us in the gui ?

Also if I was to reinstall rockstar on a different disk could I reimport my existing btrfs disks ?

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@Stefan Welcome to the Rockstor community. In order to keep things as simple as possible Rockstor doesn’t support btrfs in partitions for the ‘data’ disks, only whole disk btrfs is catered for. The only exception to this is the root btrfs partition itself, and this has additional restrictions as a result. This really helps with simplifying things and gives us a nice clean ‘base line’ to analyse the disks from. There are no plans that I am aware of to change this as it would require a fairly major re-do of quite a bit of foundation code.

As for importing btrfs pools that is entirely possible as long as they are based on whole disk btrfs (as above) and have an existing label, that last one was a recently highlighted requirement reported by another forum member @AngeleToR and an issue has been opened to try and address this situation more elegantly.

The Official Docs have a Configuration Backup and Restore section and a Reinstalling Rockstor section which in turn contains a Data Import sub section that hopefully covers your question on (whole disk) btrfs import.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Phillxnet, I installed Rockstor on its own disk. Absolutly love it and just subscribed to the updates.
Keep up the great work

@Stefan Glad your like it and thanks for your support, much appreciated.