Cant Acces Web gui

is there any setting i should change in my router? i cant acces the web gui and cant ping to the server. everytime i ping it shows message " Destination Host Unreachable". but in my router diagnosis tool i can ping the rockstor server at sucesfully, i also able to ping my pc ip in router ping diagnosis

@ccc_ccc welcome to the Rockstor community. Do you have terminal access on your Rockstor box (e.g. directly, since it sounds even a SSH client wouldn’t be able to find it)? If you do have a monitor connector to your appliance, I assume the screen after startup shows the above IP addresses your are trying to reach (with https protocol)?

Again, if you have direct access to the box, can you log in and check what the command

gives you? I would assume, it will show you something like this:

Also, is the appliance supposed to be connected wirelessly or via ethernet cable to your router?


They are connected with ethernet port

and yes is the https ip on the screen

I’m probably already out of my depth here, but taking cues from this fairly old thread:

there might be an issue with the nginx component of this.

I assume, you’ve looked at the general log after boot up:

next you could also execute the command:
systemctl status -l rockstor-pre rockstor rockstor-bootstrap

if we’re lucky it will point us in the right direction. If it is indeed the nginx, you can check the logs as pointed out in the thread from above: