Can't install rockons? [SOLVED]

Ok, I may need some help and/or guidance here. I’ve attempted to install at least two rock ons (Plex and Symform) and I get "Failed to install in the previous attempt. Here’s how you can proceed.

  • Check logs in /opt/rockstor/var/log for clues.
  • Install again.
  • If the problem persists, post on the Forum or email

What I’ve done: I’ve looked through the forums but didn’t find much. I’ve looked at the documentation and retried installation by changing user/group, shares, share sizes, and share location (different volumes). I’ve even re-installed Rockstor without any change in condition. I’ve looked at the logs, but I’m not sure if I even know what I’m looking for or in which log, any ideas?

My setup:
I’m running old AMD AM2+ dual core (plan on going quad at some point) with Rockstor on 32gb USB2 drive. Other than the ROCKON.ROCKON volume, I have a 120GB SSD (running at SATAII) and a 8 disk RAID 5 configured through an LSI Hardware RAID adapter. I have installed the LSI server software, SNMP application (for UPS monitoring), and Apache all at the command line to support LSI and UPS. I don’t think these are the cause, I attempted to install Rock-ons prior to installing these after the last Rockstor reinstall.

I can provide more information and specific logs if needed. Since I’m also learning, I’d ask for information on why a particular log is used. Thanks!

Ok, not exactly sure what I did but I can now install Plex and I’m assuming that I can install other Rockons if I need them. I did another couple of installs (I’m just testing software here, leaning to Rockstor but trying others too). What I changes:

I moved the Rockstor share that I created from the USB drive to the RAID. Still gave it the recommended minimum of 5Gb to start.

I didn’t change my Admin name. To keep groups and users matching with other computers in my network, when I made the initial admin, I named it the group I wanted then later deleted the user and created a new user but using the original group. This time, just kept the initial user/group as my admin. Why this would have an effect, I’m not sure.

Last was I changed the permissions on the rockon share to the admin user. Previously, I simply “777” the share making it open. I have a feeling this might have been my problem. Didn’t see anywhere in documentation that the share needed permissions changed.

Then it could have been none of these and something wonky with my set up. But it’s working now.

sir where can i see the logs ?.

@rozenn_bondoc I have replied to your specific thread on the same question, linking here: