Create SUSE ISO on Ubuntu?


From what I gather, there’s no downloadable ISO yet, so you have to build your own. Yet I click on the legacy link and there are links to SUSE version ISOs. But they don’t work. Zip and tar links just download small, corrupt archives. Wasted some time realising this.

So trying to build my own. Am I right that I need a SUSE machine to build the ISO, because the zypper commands only work on that?

Many thanks

@grizzly Hello again.
I can chip in on this one:

We have an auto upload of our tagged source code from GitHub to SourceForge. The files that end in the *.tar.gz & *.zip files are these. They are the source code only, not installers. I’ve linked to the DIY (Make your own) Installer instructions in my response to your prior post here:

The Legacy Download link to SourceForge has no modern *.ISO files. Also note that our new “Built on openSUSE” v4 variant also has arm64 compatibility such as Pi4 images. These don’t come in ISO9660 (old CD/DVD format) but in disk image format. We also have an ARM64EFI installer profile with ends up with a qcow2 image. Definitely worth getting familiar with the DIY installer method as mentioned in the linked response.


This use to be the case yes. But as of just recently @kageurufu recently added instructions for a new method introduced by the upstream installer builder Kiwi-ng that we use and this means you no longer need a Leap install. Any relatively modern Linus install should do. Take another look at the instructions in the rockstor-installer repo here:

And see how you get on. It will take a while and quite some resource as the new method simply automates the creation of a KVM instance of Leap “under the hood” so you should have a fairly capable machine, or a lot of patience, but it should work in the end.

Again - report you findings as you got. I think the new boxbuild method doesn’t currently work for Pi4/aarch64 build, or has yet to be tested, but if that is the case then the Leap specific host commands as still in the readme. And as you say they depend on the openSUSE specific zypper etc. Also if find issues with the rockstor-installer readme do take notes as it’s very much a work in progress and can always be improved. Pull requests / suggestions welcome.

Hope that helps.


Hope that helps.

It does indeed. I successfully built the Leap ISO on an Ubuntu machine with KVM.

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