Dev log for 3.8-15

Yup, just about to post.

Hello everyone! and @KarstenV :slight_smile:

3.8-14.08 is now available. I’ve merged two pull requests in this update, both are nice enhancements to the e-mail notification setup and both are contributed by @Flyer. Thank you!


Howdy Rockstors! 3.8-14.09 is now available. This is a special update as we have a new contributor @grebnek, bringing our contributor count to 18! I’d like to highlight that @grebnek reported an issue in this post and went ahead to fix it with his pr. Thank you!

I’ve also merged another pr from @Flyer who promptly fixed a regression that slipped in the last update.

you may have seen in another thread that I unable to import my pool from a previous installation. from what little I can understand, I think that it may be related to the way that this test version of rockstor has changed from dev/sdb etc to using longer device names - has this broken the import mechanism?

Nice to see so many improvements and new features, any feeling when the offcial stable release could be available? :grin:

There’s one main pending change and a few smaller ones remaining before which I am reluctant to make a stable release. But as you said, we have some really good stuff already merged in this cycle, thanks to contributions of @Flyer, @phillxnet and @ganti_priya I don’t want to predict how long we have left, but hopefully soon.

My fellow Rockstorians! I’ve been away for a bit and sorry to delay testing updates. It’s going to take me a bit longer to catch up, but I am happy to announce that we have 3.8-14.10, and this is a special one where we welcome a new contributor @sfranzen!.

I’ve merged two pr’s, both from @sfranzen. One is an enhancement to our docker/rock-on stuff and the other is a fix up of share usage reporting. Thank you!

I am sorry to have taken a while since last testing update, but happy to say that 3.8-14.11 is now available. I’ve merged three pull requests in this update. First is a samba related enhancement by @Flyer, second is a new dashboard widget by @sfranzen and third one is a Rock-on related bug fix also by him. My apologies for delaying these merges, but the update is looking nice. Thanks guys!

3.8-14.13 is now available! Thanks for all of your patience, including contributors with pull requests waiting to be merged. In this update, I’ve merged three pull requests. @sfranzen contributed a UI fix in the AFP screen and @ganti_priya implemented a way to make small changes like hostname and pool compression changes quickly by editing inline. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. Thank you both!

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Hello everybody! 3.8-14.14 is now available. I am glad to be hacking away at the pr backlog this week, though all of them are from our lovely contributors who’ve done the heavy lifting.

Two issues are closed in this update, thanks for @phillxnet’s contributions. Pool balance status reporting and the disk widget on the dashboard are improved. His pr’s have been sitting in the queue for some time now, finally got around to them. Thank you @phillxnet

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Happy sunday everyone! 3.8-14.15 is now available, with two pull requests merged to create it. First is a new feature where scheduled snapshots can be chosen to be read-only or read-write. This is done by our newest contributor @Tomasz_Kusmierz! Thank you for making this update special.

The second pull request is by @Flyer which is a nice re-factor of samba and AD service logic Also thanks for detailed documentation on the pull request, it’s almost at @phillxnet level :slight_smile:

The pull request backlog is getting shorter, 3.8-14.17 is now available! It comes with @Flyer’s new Chart.js based cpu widget and efficiency improving refactor. There’s also a small update to lazy vendor uuid handling logic. Please test away, we are getting closer to the stable release!

3.8-14.19 is now released. This is a nice update with a few pull requests from @Flyer improving dashboard widgets and a bunch of much needed tests from @phillxnet. I’d like to encourage every other contributor(including yours truly) to write more tests. And, the new widget code looks a lot nicer. Thank you both!