Dev log for 3.8.16

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for many contributions and high engagement, 3.8.15 was a successful release. I am excited to see so many pull requests in the queue. So, without any unnecessary delay, let’s jump in and start the 3.8.16 cycle!

3.8.15-1 is now available with two updates. Pool usage reporting is improved by @sfranzen and a small bugfix in snapshot UI by @Flyer. Thank you guys! I plan to merge your other requests as soon as possible.

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3.8.15-2 is now available! We have three improvements, all on the UI side, and all by @Flyer! Thank you, especially on issue 623 as it’s been open for a while.

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve merged three more pull requests this morning and 3.8.15-3 is now available! Two for them are UI fixes and the third is a backend improvement. Thank you @phillxnet and @Flyer for your contributions!

Btw, I’ve tested 4.8 kernel and 4.8 btrfs-progs just enough to make them available in the testing repo. They are not official yet, but I thought some of you may want to get started with them early.

How would one accomplish this :slight_smile:

My apologies to forum member @kziegler who originally reported:

It turns out the the now fixed and merged as of testing channel 3.8.15-3:

detailed above in this thread was actually a duplicate of @kziegler report.

Listing here to honour obligation of attribution.

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hey @KarstenV. yum update kernel-ml btrfs-progs and reboot, but when you do, the kernel will/may not be default, so make sure to select it on the grub screen before it zips by.

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Sadly I get this reply when running the command:

[root@rockstornas ~]# yum update kernel-ml btrfs-progs
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror
Rockstor-Testing | 2.9 kB 00:00
rockstor | 2.9 kB 00:00
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

And nothing seems to get updated.



During the night, Rockstor (a cron job) send me a mail that it had downloaded some updates. Two of them was the new kernel and btrfs-progs.

A reboot later, I’m up and running with the latest kernel and btrfs-progs. Seemingly to no ill effect, except for the warning on the main page.

Will report to Suman if I encounter any problems.

Second update for the weekend, 3.8.15-4! I merged three pull requests for this update. Two of them are fixes to SMART management from @phillxnet and the third is a websocket related cleanup from @Flyer. Thanks guys!

3.8.15-5 is now available! It comes with a small but important fix to samba management and another fix to Share creation. Both are contributed by @Flyer! There are a few more pull requests in the queue that I am excited about merging in the coming days. I’ve commented on most/all of them, so if you are the contributor(@sfranzen, @Flyer, @gkadillak, @ganti_priya) of them, please take a look.

3.8.15-6 is now available! I really like this update because we’ve moved from gevent-socketio to python-socketio for the server side and updated the client library as well. gevent-socketio has been abandoned for a while and this change was long overdue. Thanks @Flyer for contributing it.

After testing 4.8.7 kernel and btrfs-progs 4.8.3 sufficiently from my side, I’ve made it official in the testing channel. I strongly appeal to core contributors and active testing channel users to please test and post any bugs you find.

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Shame on me Suman:

Modal & python-socketio got partially mixed over router.js file and now 3.8.15-6 has modal views PR router.js.

If we merge all will be ready with new modals (moving firefox glitch to a separate PR): already tested after rsync to latest Rockstor master, rebase of modal view PR and rsync of modal view code

Sorry, but having a dozen branches 99% had a wrong git checkout while coding :sweat:

3.8.15-7 is now available, please test away!

I’ve merged two changes in this update. First is a nice enhancement of service configuration contributed by @Flyer. Second is a minor change to network config where gateway is no longer a required field. @Tomasz_Kusmierz contributed this change. Thanks to both of you!

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Happy weekend everyone! I just released 3.8.15-8!

We closed two issues in this update, both pretty important. First is an improvement to Pool deletion, where a Pool can be deleted along with it’s Shares and Snapshots with one action. Second is an improvement to the mount process so that directories holding Share and Pool mounts are only writeable when mounted.

Contributors to this update include @gkadillak and myself. Thank you @gkadillak!

Second update of the weekend, 3.8.15-9 is now available!

We closed 3 issues in this update. All of them are improvements on the UI side. One is a user facing change by @ganti_priya to edit things like compression and mount options inline, it’s nice! The other two are fixes by @Flyer. Thank you both! you rock!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! 3.8.15-10 is now available which includes two changes. First is a refactoring enhancement to Samba configuration management. Second is an internal library update as we prepare to upgrade Django, our core backend framework.

This update is brought to you by contributions from @Flyer and myself. Thank you Mirko!