Dev log for 3.9.2

Hello Everybody!

Happy to announce that 3.9.1-12 is now available! @phillxnet added the scrub feedback feature, which is super useful. He also fixed an annoying bug with pagination. Thanks Phil!

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Hello Everybody!

3.9.1-13 is now available! I fixed a bug in Rock-Ons and made a minor improvement to our flash_optimize as suggested by @maxhq. Thanks!


Hello Everybody!

A lot of good things have been achieved with this new develop cycle which was kicked off mid of July (!), what time frames we are talking for getting this one completed?
It looks they are getting longer and longer compared what is stated on the Web or GUI…not a big deal for me, but wondering how this will go on…

Thanks to everyone making this great and greater :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback @glenngould. We are ramping up to make the next release soon. I am thinking in the next 2 weeks time frame. We are also making some changes to update delivery mechanism to increase the frequency. There’s also a dependency update issue with gunicorn that’s holding things up a bit. But I acknowledge your point about release cycle taking longer. We are working towards changing that with this release. Please stay tuned.


Happy Monday morning Community!

Sorry for the little delay after the last update, but happy to share that 3.9.1-14 is now available! @phillxnet fixed two bugs, both in Share management. Thank you Phil!

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Happy Saturday everyone!

3.9.1-15 is now available! I’ve updated a backend dependency(gunicorn) and @KaiRo contributed a convenient abstraction to disk management. Thanks Robert!

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Hello Community!

3.9.1-16 is now available! @phillxnet contributed an improvement to the frontend and I refactored the backend subscription logic a bit. Enjoy!

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@suman with reference to your reply beginning of October, can you provide an update regarding the new update mechanism?
If I have not missed anything it looks 3.9.2 has never been officially published (forum nor webpage) and no new dev-log has been set up till now :thinking:

Sorry for my question, but I want to understand and get a more “round picture” - THX!

Here’s the skinny – 3.9.2 is out and I am in the process of changing our delivery infra to push frequent updates to subscribers. We successfully pushed one such update(3.9.2-1) lately. The next few updates will make things clear on the UI about the new flow. The plan is to phase out automatic testing update delivery. It will be replaced by a set of easy-to-follow instructions which will save us $$$ in hosting and maintenance and lets us focus on providing better and faster updates to stable/paying subscribers. Hope that is round enough? and thanks for your question!


@suman thanks for explanation, sounds good … looking forward to this change :wink:

So how is that we can update to the 3.9.2 release at this point? I am currently running 3.9.1-16, but I have seen that 3.9.2-3 was recently released. I know the update process has changed, as @suman mentions above, but I haven’t seen the instructions on how to update to the new release.


3.9.1-16 is the latest testing channel release. That turned into 3.9.2-0 stable release, but since then there have been 3 ‘hot fixes’ to the stable release.

It’s in the throws of changing currently, but you are still on the latest testing channel.

Hope that helps.

So if 3.9.1-16 and 3.9.2-0 are essentially the same build, shouldn’t the hot fixes that have been applied to 3.9.2 also need to be applied to the testing channel code?

Is there a process that I could manually patch/build in those hot fixes into my environment?

We are going to stop automatic packing and delivery of updates in the testing channel. The plan is to provide a documented(in the UI) alternative for non-subscribers(testing channel) to follow to get updates. Right now, we are finalizing these steps. If you are on testing channel, you will get one or more updates as we transition into this new way. If you really want updates in the meantime, your choices are 1) subscribe to stable channel or 2) figure out the manual steps yourself from available docs. This can be very risky, even if you have high levels of linux and programming skills.

@suman Has a plan been put in place yet for updates for those of us on the testing channel? It looks like the code base has moved on to 3.9.2-9, released 2 days ago.

We are lagging behind, but the plan is indeed in place. Testing channel subscribers should see a couple of updates in the near future which will update your UI with all the information necessary to keep your system up-to-date going forward.