Dev log for upcoming 3.8-9

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to users that purchased activation codes for Stable update. We need a lot more users to do so to keep our effort going, so please purchase activation codes for your production Rockstor systems.

I am starting this post to report the development and testing progress as we work towards 3.8-9 release. As I merge pull requests and create testing updates, I’ll post the summary here. For those of you that are actively testing, this post can be used to provide your feedback, sign-off your approval etc…

The plan is to close as many issues as possible in our current milestone(Toulumne). There are plenty of issues in it and it’s totally possible that a stable release will be made after 5-10 issues are closed, there’s no objective formula leading to the cutoff point but I am sure one will emerge over time.


We just pushed the 3.8-8.04 Testing update.

Here’s the issue that’s resolved in this update

Thanks to @Dragon2611 for reporting this issue. I’ve manged to clean up various services of Rockstor leveraging systemd more and the dependencies look a lot cleaner. Perhaps a wiki post in the near future would be good explaining the startup sequence of various services.

Ok, I managed to close a couple more easy issues today and create another Testing update. 3.8-8.05 is out!

Thanks to @roweryan for reporting these issues. I’d be thrilled if you can test the update and confirm following fixes. (more info on respective github pages)

Here’s the first one. The ip address reported in the appliance area is now consistent with reality of the system state.

And the second one ended up being a silly problem that was only showing(correctly so) on Firefox but not on Chrome.

I’ve also pushed a partial fix to the following issue, where hostname changes made using hostnamectl or manually will be picked up by the Web-UI. Also, Rockstor will not touch /etc/hosts file any more. We’ll close this issue when we add support to change the hostname on the UI.

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Another Testing update(3.8-8.06) is now available. We’ve managed to close a few small but important issues in the current milestone(Tuolumne).

Many thanks to @phillxnet for his contributions to this update.

If you are subscribed to testing updates, please test away and report any issues. Here are the closed issues.

Messaging for password reset button in the UI is improved.

Disk application state is auto refreshed without delay when a Pool is deleted.

The logic to update /etc/issue to display the Web-UI link got a nice polish!

Messaging update on the Web-UI, reported by @roweryan. Thanks @phillxnet for a fast turnaround. Someone owes someone a beer for this :smile:

I finally managed to improve the Active Directory integration code. The new approach is looking much better and detailed here. So, 3.8-8.07 update is now available. I’d greatly appreciate if AD users out there give it a spin.

Here’s the issue for this work.

3.8-8.09 (Testing) update is now available. We closed a few small issues and improved test coverage in this update. A lot of issues have already been closed and things are looking pretty good for the upcoming 3.8-9 stable update.

Thanks to @phillxnet, @mchakravartula and @roweryan for their contributions. Here are the issues closed in this update.

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Are the ‘create a clone from snapshot w/in UI’ and ‘broke replication between rockstor appliances’ issues that I recently encountered being targeted for the 3.8-9 release? (Issue #886 and #939)

Highly interested in fixes for these findings before I press on w/ deeper testing.

TIA, whitey

+1 for a fix to “replication between rockstor appliances” issue 886 in the next release. Happy to test and provide feedback.

@whitey and @grizzly, replication fixes are part of the current milestone as you know. I can’t guarantee the fixes in 3.8-9 as we’ve already closed a bunch of issues but I’ll try my best.

Issue #886 on the other hand should be resolved in this update, however.

3.8-8.11 Testing update is now available. Testing is going well so far and I am looking forward to making the 3.8-9 Stable update available as planned.

For this update, we closed one major bugfix issue with S.M.A.R.T reporting, thanks to @phillxnet! We’ve also fixed a minor regression and another UI bugfix. Here’s list

3.8-8.12 update is now available. This past week was a bit slower development wise from my side as I was mostly away from the computer(a much needed break and glad to be back!). It was very exciting to see pull requests while I was away, one from our modest moderator @phillxnet and another from a first time contributor @maxhq. Very happy to see a new contributor! And, thanks to @mchakravartula for improving test coverage!

Below are the issues closed in this update. We are pretty much in the 100% testing window now and I am planning to push 3.8-9 in a day or so.

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Even though my Rockstor claims to be on 3.8-8.12, I still see this:

Every time I log into the web interface.

Can it be avoided?

It creates a lot of disk activity every time I go into the interface (look in the left side of the graph):

Since my disks are set to go to sleep, it is unwanted to have them all wake up just because I use the interface. The installation is on a different disk, and I dont interact with the pool residing on the sleeping disks. Therefore they should not be activated, unless data is being transferred to and from them.

This is not a critical error, but it does increase wear on the disks, and we off course want to avoid that :slight_smile:

Looks like it got fixed:

Thats what I’m trying to say.

Its not fixed on my system.

That fix went in after 3.8-8.12

Well, that explains it :slight_smile:

approved. Log on AD Domaincontroller shows that the username is not taken for domain join but Administrator is hard coded.