Error when creating team

Anyone know of this error?

Error running a command. cmd = [’/usr/bin/nmcli’, ‘c’, ‘up’, ‘Team-slave-0’]. rc = 4. stdout = [’’]. stderr = [‘Error: Connection activation failed: Master connection not found or invalid’, ‘’]

Im receiving this when trying to create team LACP (802.3ad) from web interface.

Thanks, Im running 3.8-12.13 version of Rockstor

Hi @bug11 / tronder, that error means that you’re trying to add a slave to an ipotetical master interface inside a teaming interface (master = slave0 + slave1), but Rockstor is not able to find the master - related to new teaming utils and i haven’t had time to try it so I don’t know how it has been coded (@suman)

What I understand from this: first you need to define the teaming master than its slaves, have you done like this??


What I have done:

Added both interfaces (etherport 1 and 2), selected Team (not bond) and added DHCP config.

press Ok. Thats it,

I am running a Mikrotik rb493g router if that helps to explain something

Ok, I can’t help you because I’ve not seen the new interface (my devel env needs updates :smile:)

3.8-12.13 is missing a package dependency “NetworkManager-team”. It is added to the stable package and will be added to the next testing update coming soon. But until then, you can solve the problem with yum install NetworkManager-team. You will have to restart network manager with systemctl restart NetworkManager after that for it to take effect.

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Thanks for the info, testing right now

Edit: Works great! No problem setting up after NetworkManager-team was installed

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