How can I use openvpn?

Hello! First of all, I’ve been a NAS distro hopper. Not anymore with Rockstor! Thank You!!!

I am confuse about openvpn. My seedbox provider gave me some file like *.opvpn *.key *.conf
I have no idea what is the server name. I looked these file with nano and I didn’t found the server name.
I must find the server name? Or there is any way to just use the *.opvpn file?

Sorry for my english, french is my first langage, not english.

It’s a client or server?

What are you trying to do exactly?

I took a look and i’m 99% sure that the OpenVPN rockon is a server and not intended to be used as a client.

you can install the openvpn client at the command line using yum. Then to connect I believe your command would be openvpn --config /path/to/.ovpn (or .opvpn if that wasn’t a typo)

You will probably need to put your .key and .conf files in the same directory as the .ovpn file

This will just establish the connection though. If you want to transfer files between your seedbox and your rockstor you will need to mount a directory or use FTP or whatever your seedbox provider’s method is.

Although it would make your workstation a middle-man between transfers, I’d just connect to your seedbox provider’s vpn from your workstation and move files that way. Chances are the LAN between your workstation and rockstor will be better than the VPN between your workstation and the seedbox so it won’t be a bottleneck.

Thank you, I have managed to install openvpn via EPEL.
Here I am facing a new problem, I thought I could use with my SyncThing seedbox.
I think I will create a script that will download my files from my seedbox.

@sublime, the documentation on rock-ons is lacking at the moment but we are planning to have docs and tutorials available in next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned.

As @seijirou pointed out, OpenVPN rockon is the server. It enables you to vpn into your network from elsewhere. Sorry, but I’ll keep this brief. We’ll get the docs done soon and it will clear up any confusion.

Thank you!
I will wait!

Wait no more! update to 3.8-2 and read the documentation . Also, please direct all forum activity specific to OpenVPN server Rock-on to this topic.

This is how I got openvpn client work from startup:

yum install openvpn

systemctl enable openvpn@[conf_name].service

systemctl start openvpn@[conf_name].service

Then, make sure openvpn starts after Docker service.

nano /etc/systemd/system/[conf_name].service

Description=OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On %I
Requires=docker.service docker.service

Then check if tun0 is up: