How to fresh reinstall openvpn (Rock-ons)?

Hi everybody,
I’ve installed (rock-ons) OpenVPN and configured with my LAN ip addresses and opened the port 1194 in my router.
I’ve created the cert. And from lan it works fine. (Does not make a great sense).
Later I’ve created a ddns service and I’ve uninstalled and re-installed with the ddns name instead of the ip address. Now in rock-ons, I have the following error message:

Open Source VPN server
Failed to install in the previous attempt. Here’s how you can proceed.
Check logs in /opt/rockstor/var/log for clues.
Install again.
If the problem persists, post on the Forum or email

Is there a way to remove and fresh reinstall the OpenVPN rock-ons?
Or repair it?

Thank-you regards Andrea

@Andrea_Antorini A belated welcome to the Rockstor community.

We do have an as yet undocumented script that may help. Please see the following forum thread:

Hope that helps.

Gulp! I’m not sure I understood.
Shall I copy the script ‘’ and execute from the system shell?
To which directory shall I copy the script?

Sorry not familiar with python
Thanks regards Andrea


Sorry, I should have demoed it’s use:
If for example one has the following Rock-on installed:

“HTTP to HTTPS redirect”

And things were playing up re-uninstall / re-install or what ever the script is used thus by the root user in a terminal (ie a local terminal or a ssh session):

/opt/rockstor/bin/delete-rockon 'HTTP to HTTPS redirect'

and after a few seconds you should receive the like of:

Rock-On(HTTP to HTTPS redirect) metadata in the db is deleted

And if one runs the script without a Rock-on name it outputs a hint on it’s use:

Delete metadata, containers and images of a Rock-on
	Usage: /opt/rockstor/bin/delete-rockon <rockon name>

So one runs it ‘in place’ and ‘as is’ and the name it takes is that shown in the big bold text within the Rock-ons page tabs. If the Rock-ons install was showing up on the ‘Installed’ tab then it should now not be.

Hope that helps.


Wow, great explanation.
Now it works.
Fantastic :slight_smile:
Thank you very much
Regards Andrea