I can not see HDD

I have a SUPERMICRO 6048R-E1CR36H and I only see the HDD if I setup a Virtual Drive. I have a raid controller driver but not sure how to install in rockstor.

Hi, not sure how to resolve your inability to see the HDD, but in case you haven’t seen it, here is an older short thread on using a hardware based RAID (which implies to not really use it, as BTRFS is essentially a SW RAID): BTRFS on Hardware RAID (LSI/Avago controller)

If you look on other forums about BTRFS discussions you will see similar sentiments, as BTRFS is not aware of an underlying HW RAID …

Most real hardware RAID controllers will do as you describe - you have to set up a virtual drive to access them which prevents BTRFS from getting direct access.

SOME controllers allow you to put the drive in a “pass-thru” mode which is what you are looking for but be aware it’s not using any benefits of the RAID controller at that point. There are some controller cards that provide some benefit due to caching, but that’s about it.