Insert or update on table "storageadmin_networkdevice"

This just came up after a fresh install…

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/rest_framework_custom/”, line 41, in _handle_exception
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/storageadmin/views/”, line 180, in get_queryset
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/utils/”, line 145, in inner
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/db/”, line 225, in exit
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/db/backends/base/”, line 173, in commit
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/db/backends/base/”, line 142, in _commit
return self.connection.commit()
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/db/”, line 98, in exit
six.reraise(dj_exc_type, dj_exc_value, traceback)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/Django-1.8.16-py2.7.egg/django/db/backends/base/”, line 142, in _commit
return self.connection.commit()
IntegrityError: insert or update on table “storageadmin_networkdevice” violates foreign key constraint “connection_id_refs_id_1db23ec5”
DETAIL: Key (connection_id)=(2) is not present in table “storageadmin_networkconnection”.

Hi @G.gavin99,

I’m going to try and see if I can help you with that one. The error you are seeing relates to your network connection (as you probably realized) and the fact that there seems to be a discrepancy between the devices that were detected and their respective connection (Key (connection_id)=(2) is not present in table “storageadmin_networkconnection”).

I personally have never have seen that one and I’m unsure at first where it could come from as these two (connections and devices) are highly intertwined and update each other when a change is detected. I am therefore curious about your setup exactly (pertaining to network), and especially considering the phrasing of your other forum that may imply you are running a VM:

Would you be willing to share a little more details on your setup regarding network? How many interfaces, VM or dedicated hardware?

Sorry for not being able to provide you with a clear answer yet, hopefully this will help myself and others here :wink:


Nope, not running a VM just a metal box with a clean install on a 250GB SSD with a 1TB HDD for storage. Also don’t have and extra NICs installed, simply using the mobo LAN port.

OH, also running internet through a 24 port switch which I don’t have the specs on at the moment.

Gezz, one last thing… comcast business is running everything IPv6.