Install to micro-sd on hp microserver gen8

It seems no one has managed to do this.

I am in a position to help make this work if someone want to try out some ideas.

Welcome to your community @philcolbourn! Thanks for the offer. I don’t have a gen8 box, but may be there’s someone else willing to work with you.

Another obvious suggestion I have is a nice wikified post detailing the process, that is if you happen to have a gen8 and got everything setup successfully.

One suggestion, there needs to be a ‘rescan disks’ button on ‘Installation Destination’ page.

This function is buried on the ‘manual partitioning’ page.

oh, and on the ‘manual partitioning’ page, there needs to be a cancel button.

A way to get back involves pressing the ‘reload’ icon that reloads storage configuration from disk.
Then 'rescan disks’
then wait…
then press ok.

This is only way I have found to get out of ‘manual partitioning’ page if you ever get into it and decide not to proceed.

Hello @philcolbourn The Rockstor installer is just a kickstart configured and mildly branded generic CentOS 7 installer with very minor modifications like removing the user creation during install. see the rockstor-iso repository for how the iso and installer are created and modified. Note that this repository is still being fleshed out by @suman so it’s worth keeping an eye on it for iso/installer related changes. As your ideas also pertain to upstream it might be an idea to voice them there. If you do and get some changes accepted / merged it would be great if you let this forum know, plus Rockstor would then auto inherit them which is neat.

Sorry I don’t have any hp microservers but they look like really nice bits of kit. You might want to look over at the thread started by @greenwithao who has an HP N54L, not sure what generation though; also in that thread @erixbzh references some bios hacks on their two g7 N54L which might be of interest / relevance.