Installation in a Xen VM

Sorry to resurrect this old thread. I am preparing to install Rockstor on two XenServer 7 machines. Could you share the commands you used to passthrough your sas card? I have to passthrough 5 sas cards to rockstor on one machine and am having difficulties with my attempts.

Sorry, cant help you with XenServer.
I used Xen from Xen-Project, not the Citrix variant.

The configuration is completely different because Xen uses XL as toolstack and XenServer uses XAPI.

I am running into the same issue with a Xenserver VM. Any ideas?

d549e5, did you have any success?

Here is a posting in another forum, how to passthrough a TV card in XenServer. The procedure should be the same with a disc controller.

Sorry, it is in german. Posting number 6 decribes how the passthough works.

In short:
For the device the native driver (ahci for SATA controllers) should not be loaded. Instead the pciback module must be loaded. After this the device can be passed through to the VM via XAPI commands (described under the link above).

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Good instructions for bypassing pci controller here:

Key commands:
/opt/xensource/libexec/xen-cmdline --set-dom0 "xen-pciback.hide=(<B:D.f>)"
xe vm-list
xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=0/0000:<B:D.f> uuid=<vm uuid>

I got the install partitions formatted to btrfs, but can’t find how to get Xenserver to report disk serial numbers.

Looks like Rockstor 3.9 will not function as a XenServer 7.2 VM.

Hi there, great product but I’m also trying to run it on Xenserver 7.2 and I hit the inability for Xenserver to report the disk serial numbers. Any ideas? Thanks!

Don’t know if you are still tying to deploy on XenServer. I have not found a solution to the missing serial numbers in a XenServer 7 environment for virtual disks, but have found a very effective deployment using pci passthrough of a storage controller. Details are in the XenServer 7 Backstory. If you did ever find a solution and/or workaround for serial numbers for virtual disks, please pass it along.

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