Latest stable update

Haven’t had my rockstor box on for a while. Fired it back up and realized my subscription expired about 5 months ago.

Looked through the announcements and changes pages and it appears that 4.1 is still latest stable release. Is that correct?

Thinking I’ll reactivate subscription when new stable release comes out.

@mrclark Hello there and welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Yes, 4.1.0-0 is still our latest stable. It was the end of an extremely long testing release where we moved from old previous, no legacy, CentOS base to the new “Built on openSUSE” base. But we were, even back then, in need of some maintenance time regarding our other libraries etc, otherwise known as technical debt. This has been our focus since the 4.1.0-0 release via the new testing branch arrangement, see:

for the first release of that run. Normally there would have been several releases in both channels by now, but the scale of changes needed to how we do stuff, and what we use to do it, was such that most stuff just didn’t work at all, or in more recent changes, even build. Hence our requirement to focus on the testing branch development to more rapidly be in the position to spin-off a new stable from testing. However give we have had all these changes we were unable to actually release anything easily testable in the first place. But we are definitely getting back onto solid ground again and hope to resume regular releases fairly soon. There was to be a 4.5.1-0 which was all but a click away, but a new build challenge caught up with us in openSUSE Leap 15.4 and so we had to make a new ‘jump’ to accomodate this latest challenge. All good thought and all moving in the right direction. Just slower than at least I would have liked.

Thanks, this is a corner stone of our sustainability goals, and another thing in need of attention! But again, it’s all good, and definitely heading towards a more manageable state.

In short we build up a backlog of stuff that needed addressing for the future. And we are almost in that future.

As one ‘backlog’ element involves the ‘shop’ and me (as one of the projects maintainers) having emigrated, there is yet more disruption. As such all valid stable subscriptions prior to the shops UK to EU move are actually on-going. Even if Appman shows otherwise, I didn’t want to put other folks in a tricky situation, just because I found myself and the project in one!

Once the dust settles we will get back onto a even keel but rest-assured that we are definitely ‘getting there’ and it’s looking like we will get more done than we had initially hoped for during this current phase. All-be-it at the cost of not being able to release as often: an unfortunate side effect of the scope of changes needed. However the most recent work is actually on how we build the project. That for one will be a most welcome change as our prior build system was super clunky (@Hooverdan you might like this bit) and one of the oldest remaining dependencies.

Hope that helps, and thanks for your ongoing support; much appreciated.