Multiple Errors (rock-ons, shell, and management IP)

I have been running Rockstor via a virtual instance for 2 days now. Everything was fine the first day, and then today I decided to fire it back up and do more testing today. I added 2 virtual (vmdk) disks to the pool and then expanded the pool and moved to Raid10 for the 4 drive pool. Everything went well, but then the poop hit the fan.

I noticed rock-ons were not running,

so I tried to enable the service and all I get is this:

Then, I figured I would hit of the shell to see if I could get any more information, and I get this:

I decided to SSH and figured, hey I can use the nifty info at the top to get the IP… well, nope. I get this.

I was really liking Rockstor for the short period of testing, but then this happened. As of right now, I do not have any rock-ons enabled. I have made no changes at all from stock except for creating 1 SMB share and 1 NFS share.

I have also noticed that upon rebooting it nearly every time NFS service is disabled and I have the re-enable it.

Greetings @anon64149595,

Regarding rock-ons, if you installed the most recent testing version, you may suffer from the following bug introduced by yours truly (apologies):

As for the “shell in a box”, this is a pretty recent addition and it doesn’t work for me either at the moment (although not with a 502 error). It has some settings you can change under System > Services, but I’m just using ssh for now.

NFS is supposed to just work though, so perhaps there are some clues in the dmesg logs?