NEW System Unable to log in via HTTPS://

Just got the system installed and it booted. But even with firefox I am unable to get to the GUI to finish setting it up… ANy thoughts?

do you see the webui address on the terminal ? Are you able to ssh as root user?

I have this same problem. I just installed it, set it to a static IP in a different subnet. I am able to ping the server and the CLI screen prompt has this IP address as the website, but it doesn’t pull up.

Are you able to SSH to the ip address as the root user? Secondly, login to the terminal and type systemctl status rockstor and send us the output.

Hey folks. I just found this thread after creating my own (sorry for the duplicate, it can be found here: Clean install, no GUI access?).

I’m having the same issue. I cannot SSH into the machine (it just hangs), but if I run the command locally it says the following:
"rockstor.service - RockStor startup script
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/rockstor.service; enabled)
Active: inactive (dead)

Dependency failed for RockStor statup script"

I don’t know about the other poster, but mine is a clean install of 3.8-9.02 booting from USB.

I ran

service rockstor restart

It took awhile, but after the service was up I was able to access GUI via Firefox. Hooray!

Since three people had this problem in a week, I think something is hanging during/after the install. I have to manually restart the service after each reboot. That said, this is a pretty easy workaround. Thanks everyone!

After a few hours of playing with my now functional Rockstor install, I have a few errors to report. They’re all service related, so they may be tied to this same underlying issue.

(1) As reported above, at each boot the Rockstor service fails to launch. I have to manually start it by logging in as root on the NAS. One it is running, it will stay running until next boot.
(2) Once logged in to the GUI, the Services page will not allow me to turn any service on or off. I wanted to start the Rock-On service and SMB. Both generate generic errors (please configure services first).
(3) I can start SMB via local root, just like starting Rockstor. However, once started it still shows as “Off” on the Services page. I can confirm that it is working by running “service SMB status” in CLI as root.
(4) I am able to configure and access shares via SMB, even though the UI shows that SMB is not turned on.
(5) I cannot find the service for Rock-Ons in CLI, so I have not been able to try manually starting this service. As of now, the Rock-On service is not working on my clean install.