No SMART support for MSA70

Using a DL360G5 with a LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS1068E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS HBA ans a MSA70 Diskshelf filled with 25 146GB SAS Disk. Runs perfect, except that there are no smart values for that disks. On console, everything looks fine.

[root@rock log]# smartctl --scan
/dev/sda -d scsi # /dev/sda, SCSI device
/dev/sdb -d scsi # /dev/sdb, SCSI device
/dev/sdc -d scsi # /dev/sdc, SCSI device

[root@rock log]# smartctl --all /dev/sdc
smartctl 6.2 2013-07-26 r3841 [x86_64-linux-4.2.2-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64] (local build)
Copyright © 2002-13, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

Vendor: HP
Product: DG146A4960
Revision: HPDB
User Capacity: 146.815.737.856 bytes [146 GB]
Logical block size: 512 bytes
Rotation Rate: 10020 rpm
Logical Unit id: 0x5000cca000131464
Serial number: P4VAH8XA
Device type: disk
Transport protocol: SAS
Local Time is: Tue Nov 3 09:08:12 2015 CET
SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.
SMART support is: Enabled
Temperature Warning: Enabled

SMART Health Status: OK

Current Drive Temperature: 43 C
Drive Trip Temperature: 70 C

Manufactured in week 43 of year 2007
Specified cycle count over device lifetime: 50000
Accumulated start-stop cycles: 19
Elements in grown defect list: 0

Vendor (Seagate) cache information
Blocks sent to initiator = 5583279327543296

Error counter log:
Errors Corrected by Total Correction Gigabytes Total
ECC rereads/ errors algorithm processed uncorrected
fast | delayed rewrites corrected invocations [10^9 bytes] errors
read: 0 0 0 0 0 0,000 0
write: 0 0 0 0 0 0,000 0

Non-medium error count: 130

No self-tests have been logged

BTW: Rockstore maxout the 12Gbit SAS Connection to the MSA70 when in jbod/raid0 mode. Well done. Never reached this poing with zfs :smile:

Did you click the refresh button in the gui to update the smart values?

btw: Rockstor version: 3.8-8.16

@titus_36 Welcome to the Rockstor Community. Sorry for the slow response by the way. The output from your smartctl --all /dev/sdc command look to have a different format to that I’ve seen from regularly connected drives and I think that is what is throwing off the smart parsing. It’s also quite a bit smaller. I’m assuming you pasted the whole output of --all? Ie there is no capabilities section. Also are all of the tabs empty? Thanks for reporting this by the way.

I know this is a pain but if you could execute the following commands and send the resulting file to and reference this forum thread in the same email that would be great:-

On your Rockstor box as root (ie ssh root@rockstor-machine-ip):-

cd ~
/usr/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/sdc > msa70-smart-a.out
/usr/sbin/smartctl -c /dev/sdc > msa70-smart-c.out
/usr/sbin/smartctl -l error /dev/sdc > msa70-smart-l-error.out
/usr/sbin/smartctl -l selftest -l selective /dev/sdc > msa70-smart-l-selftest-l-selective.out
/usr/sbin/smartctl --info /dev/sdc  > msa70-smart--info.out
/usr/sbin/smartctl -H --info /dev/sdc  > msa70-smart-H--info.out
tar czf no-smart-msa70-logs.tgz /opt/rockstor/var/log
tar czf no-smart-msa70-report.tar.gz *.out *.tgz

(don’t worry about the “Removing leading” message)

So the no-smart-msa70-report.tar.gz file should then contain a copy of your Rockstor logs and a copy of the output that the built in parser is failing to interpret. This may well make it possible for the parser to be modified to work with the type of output you are seeing.

Thanks and for the sake of completeness I’ll just pop in the scp command to retrieve the file from Rockstor:-

scp root@rockstor-ip-address:/root/no-smart-msa70-report.tar.gz .

I have also opened up an issue to track progress on this issue:-

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@titus_36 I am currently working on the issue opened as a result of this forum thread and seem not to have (or have lost) a copy of the requested no-smart-msa70-report.tar.gz . If you could possibly send this on again that would be dandy; no worries otherwise as we have what looks like a similar output from another submitter but it would obviously be better if I also had your smart outputs to verify the changes I’m making to the smart info parsing.

Sorry for the inconvenience and again no worries is this is no longer timely on your part.

@titus_36 The issue opened as a result of this forum thread “no SMART info on MSA70” has now been closed and I hope resolved. Thanks for all the info provided earlier. I’m pretty sure there have been improvements that affect your setup as the submitted smartctl outputs used to improve the referenced issue look very much like the ones you pasted earlier in this thread.

Let us know how you get on with this and sorry if this was not in time to help you when you needed it. Fix available in testing channel from 3.8-10.12 onwards.

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