OpenSUSE 15.3 stable repo no meta data

When attempting to use the stable release repo for SLES15.3 I receive the following error.
Is this expected?

Repository 'Rockstor-Stable' is invalid. [Rockstor-Stable|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL History: - [Rockstor-Stable|] Repository type can't be determined.

I have disabled stable updates and have reverted to the testing repo. This seems to be loading as expected.

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@Superfish1000 Yes, we have yet to officially release our v4 stable rpms and there is only a 4.0.4 rpm in the Leap 15.2 as a staging placeholder as we ran into a late-in-development zypper authentication issue where we need to absolute rule out an empty repo as the cause. Our main os target has for some time been 15.2 and so we populated the stable repo for 15.2 with the 4.0.4 placeholder rpm to address the empty repo issue that for some time had masked the ‘real’ problem. Thanks again to @GeoffA and @Flox for their major assistance on that one. We finally sorted it version 4.0.4 itself actually, see the following closed issue for the details:

Our Leap 15.3 support was, at the time, incomplete and not a main focus. This is shifting over time and we now, as you have seen, have Leap 15.3 installer profiles and rpms (but testing channel only) for 15.3. From the following thread:

4.0.8-0 is our Stable Release Candidate 9 and as of writing is our proposed next stable channel release. If all goes well this exact same rpm will also be published in the stable channel to begin our next ‘round’ of major development in testing; isolating the stable channel from this and allowing the much needed and overdue development freedom we need back in the testing channel.

It may make more sense to simply publish the 15.3 build 4.0.4-0 rpm but I’m favouring pushing the ‘real’ stable rpm to both the 15.2 and 15.3 stable repos when the time comes: which is hopefully very soon. Plus our recomended (read better field tested) os base and rpm is still the 15.2 but as it nears it’s end of life the 15.3 will of course be favoured. I think both look to be in good shape though currently.

Hope that helps to explain this anomaly between the stable 15.2 and 15.3 repos; and thanks for the report. Hopefully we can put this one to bed very soon as it’s definitely a slightly messy situation. As mentioned I had originally favoured leaving these repos completely empty but that ended up backfiring.

The Rockstor re-launch as v4 “Built on openSUSE” has been quite the challenge and this empty repo situation as we move towards having both testing and stable channel repos active is one of the inevitable bumps. Bit by bit and thanks again for the report. Keep an eye on the forum and the changelog of available updates as I intend to clearly announce when those using testing for general use should no longer update further unless they intend to contribute to development itself. Testing will be broken soon, likely by the hundreds of deep changes starting with the following issue likely:

and it’s related next-in-line:

However this breakage will only come with an update. Hence checking the changelog for the warnings as we transition to a 2 branch system where we are able to make major much needed updates in testing while simply managing the stable updates for ‘key’ changes discovered as it gains wider use. With a view to making only the minimum changes to our stable channel given it’s non development status.