Problem installing on supermicro servers

I have two different supermicro servers, both error out at failed to fetch kickstart from hd:label=Rockstor\x203\x20x86:/ks.cfg

Ive removed the internal lsi controller and connected the drives direct to motherboard, reset bios and turned off the virtulization option in bios.

any other ideas?

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Turns our Rufus does not build a proper usb boot stick. I burned the iso to cd and everything is progressing properly.

@aaron Thanks for reporting this. Nice find. There have also been reports of unetbootin also producing non working Rockstor install usb keys. I have added you contribution to the docs issue on this matter. That way we can hopefully help others avoid this same issue.


I use the following myself (with the proper usb device specified of course):-
N.B. use with care as it will happily overwrite anything on the specified device.

sudo ddrescue -d -D --force Rockstor-3.8-9.iso /dev/sdx

There is some related discussion re usb creation over on another forum thread, might be worth a look.

Might be worth trying it it in DD/Image mode in which case it should just write the iso content to the stick unmodified.

@aaron and @Dragon2611 The Rockstor online docs Quick Start section has now been updated to state that both Unetbootin and Rufus produce NON working USB install disks and the relevant issue has also been closed. The ddrescue option noted earlier in this was also added. So hopefully that should avoid the same thing happening to others in the future.

Thanks to @herbert (Unetbootin report on the forum)
Thanks to @aaron this thread for reporting Rufus.

@Dragon2611 That’s a good point and if it works it would be good to know here so we can also add it to the docs but I would still favour tools that by default work rather than not to avoid the frustration. But would be good to know if it does work in this mode, I am unfamiliar with Rufus and it’s options as it goes. Thanks.

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@phillxnet If I get a few moments to my self later I’ll try building a stick from Rufus and then booting it in a VM.

@phillxnet could the image be fixed to work with unetbootin instead? That way it would work for people who don’t read the docs :wink:

@roweryan I will have to assume you are pulling my leg, for how do we fix the iso image when it isn’t broken! :grinning: I think it’s best not to rely on specific or specialized USB writing programs that insert their own boot managers etc when the existing image represents more of a known quantity; ie everybody will be booting the same image in the same way.

Otherwise we get into situations such as with the free version of DBAN v 2.3.0 which simply doesn’t boot on USB unless one uses programs such as unetbootin or easy2boot, keep it as simple as possible I say.

However it would be nice to gather a list of know good GUI USB writing tools for Rockstor; I volunteer to add that list to the docs if the forum can collect the list.

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@Dragon2611 Thanks, that would be great. Less ideal if it doesn’t work with the defaults but we can always note the required settings in the docs if need be.

Looks like rufus works ok in DD mode, Installer booted ok

Since USB support seems to be broken in my virtual box installation (As in it wouldn’t passthrough the drive at all, I know most VM’s can’t boot from USB but Plop boot manager can) Anyway I booted it on my Netbook and it got as far as the screen to select the HDD/Install options so it looks promsing.

Didn’t continue any further as a Netbook without Ethernet and 120GB ssd only doesn’t really make a particularly useful Rockstor machine. :wink:

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@Dragon2611 There is now a Rufus howto in the docs, thanks for providing the testing, method, and pics.

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