Rockstor Subscription

My current Stable subscription expires in just under 2 weeks, and obviously I wish to continue it as Rockstor has been totally ‘Rock’ solid here, and is used 24/7.
I know the Rockstor shop is undergoing some transitions, and I’m currently unable to renew my subscription. So, in 1 week and 6 days do I lose my Stable, or will it be extended until the shop is available again for me to renew?
I know its not the end of the world (dropping back to testing) due to the relative stability and infrequent stable updates (which in my world is a very good thing). There are much bigger and badder and sadder things in the world right now.

@GeoffA Hello there.

While the shop is on-the-move/in-limbo all existing stable subscriptions are NOT being expired; just to smooth things over as otherwise folks are in corner as it were.

Appman may indicate some more recently expired stable subscriptions as such, but they will still work as before. But for sanity purposes, in this shop transition time, I’m usually just extending folks subscriptions within Appman so things look a little more sane. Until I can establish/re-establish all the relevant robots to manage such things. I have now sorted an extension within Appman for your indicated existing stable subscription.

And on a related note, thanks again for all your contributions here on the form, both in public and in our various side-channel testing efforts etc. Much appreciated.


@phillxnet Thank you very much, I just popped in to Appman and saw that.

It’s been my pleasure, and honour, to have been able to get involved and hopefully add something of value to your team’s incredible work. Also, there are other contributors (they know who they are I think) who have also help make this community the brilliant place it is.

And I didn’t mention ‘backups’ once. (That’s for @Hooverdan amusement) :slight_smile:


Thanks for this question :slight_smile: I am sill not hard-core user since it’s my first year but I plan to be :slight_smile: … So I will be tuned to this since I would like to contribute !! :slight_smile: thanks for your hard work!!

Hello a happy 2023 :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask how it looks with the subscriptions… ? can we purchase it already? :slight_smile:


@khamon Hello again.

Sorry not just yet, but we are definitely getting there behind the scenes. Currently focused on establishing the new Stable Release candidate.

from earlier today.

Hope that helps.


nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thanks for all the effort once more … I’ll wait a bit before going all the way to 4.5.4 my python skills are not the best :smiley: :smiley:

thanks for all the hard work you are doing…