Slow NFS Write - RAID5

Thanks @suman, The issue is directly related to the onboard & PCIe Realtek NIC’s I have installed in my box.4.1 causes an issue that only get’s me 15 +/- MB/s write over the network (local write as mentioned above gives 290MB/s)

I’d gladly test 4.2 as this has all been testing before I do a full migration of my NAS to this machine, it would be reassuring to make sure I have no issues during a future upgrade.

while waiting you could try the following:

in the cli enter:

rpm --import
rpm -Uvh
yum install kmod-r8168

this adds the elrepo repository to your system and installs the “official” realtek 8168 chipset drivers as kernel module.
your RTL8111GR should have such a chipset, this module should speed things up as it replaces the kernel dependent current implementation of the firmware.

for the other card you can use

lspci | grep Ethernet

to show the exact chipset/identifier, here is a list of available packages (scroll down till kmod-rXXXX)

Thank you for your help @felixbrucker, I’m successfully on the latest version with the latest kernel and everything is running as it should be!! Beginning to build my arrays and migrate data over - most of the time it’s saturating my GB network :smile:

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