SMR Drives still a problem?

What’s the status of SMR drivies and the Linux kernel/BTRFS these days?

I seem to recall it didn’t work to well in the past, has this been resolved or should they still be avoided?

Slow write speed isn’t really an issue as my rockstor box is remote (I.e incoming is limited by WAN speeds anyway), having the drives drop offline however would be.

I have a 3TB drive I need to replace at some point (showing a few bad sectors), can’t decide to go for a raid5 with 4TB-5TB drives or a raid1 with 2x 8TB drives.

@Dragon2611 I’m not aware of any progress on this one but haven’t really looked into it any more either.
Linking to a previous post of mine to help others with the context as I know you are already aware of it.

Anyone else know of any progress or more up to date info.
It seems that from:-

that it depends on if the drive’s smr element is drive or host managed and

pointed to a kernel bug re the Seagate Archive 8TB disks.
which relates a mixed experience still.
I’m not convinced of their utility just yet but as I say I haven’t been following it really.

I can only add that I’ve had no issues with my 2 x 8TB Seagate Archives since installing five months ago. They are not RAIDed, one pool each so can’t vouch for anything more complex.