[SOLVED] How do I disable the "Stable updates are not activated." message?

Hii there,

Every time I log into the dashboard, I get the message: “Stable updates are not activated.”.
Which is quite annoying as I have to money to purchase a license (I will once Rockstor proves worth it, and after I replaced my probably dying drives).
Now my question is (as the title suggests), how do I disable this message?


You need to activate the other update option (testing)

@finlaydag33k Welcome to the Rockstor community.

As @Fredrik points out the testing channel updates is probably the one for you then.

Also I would just like to point out that this is not a “Licence” choice but an ‘updates channel subscription’ choice. A detailed explanation for why this was put in place and how both channels helps to support Rockstor development is available in the Official Docs under the Update Channels section.

Rockstor is predominantly GNU GPLv2 Licenced along with a mixed bag of js library licencing and the stable channel subscription is to help ensure the whole Rockstor endeavour is more financially sustainable; at least that’s the plan :slight_smile:.

Please see the following forum discussion that lead to the current arrangement:

Hope that helps.

The problem is, I just want to get rid of the message.
I do not want the “testing” channel because my whole network relies on the NAS (if it fails, I’m kinda screwed).
I know that I can not choose for the stable channel either because I don’t have a license, so why can’t I just dismiss the message forever without having to choose a channel? (I rather have it run in no channel that has been running fine for now than I risk losing all my work on a testing channel)

You can select testing just to get away from the message. There is a second option after that if you want automatic update or not.

I have mine on manual update, but that’s just because i like reading the changelogs :slight_smile:

I’ve now enabled testing and set it to manual too.
Let’s hope it won’t break my NAS.
thanks for the help

Im having problems buying stable updates. Please advise )
Love the product.

@controlwizard A belated welcome to the Rockstor community to you.

Yes, sorry about that. The Stable subscriptions are currently marked as ‘sold out’ as per the following post:


But we are getting there so once we have everything lined up again we can re-name this and we should back to normal again.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we have to take care with the transition and as always there are teething problems. But we are getting there.

Glad your enjoying Rockstor and I’m hoping to get this ‘paused stable subscriptions’ thing sorted pretty soon. And thanks for at least trying to support Rockstor via a stable channel subscription :slight_smile: