SOLVED: How to use the 'Access control' section

I am trying to give a user (one that rock-ons use) access to a share. When I click on that share and edit the access control sectiom, it gives me options to change the owner and the group (both set to root). It also allows me to give owner, group and other either read, write or execute. What shall I do. I’m very confused and can’t find any real documentation from it on the website or anywhere else.
Thanks in advance!

@maxharrison Welcome to the Rockstor forum.

I’m linking to you other post (2 hours ago) which is essentially the same question:

Have you read the Plex Server Rock-on in the official docs? And the generic Rock-ons (Docker Plugins) sections. It covers an example of using a specific user for a specific Rock-on and how to minimise the use to just that user, a ‘plex’ user in that case. It also covers how to find out a users uid and gid and how to setup the share appropriately. All with pics of the relevant UI components.

As for the shared Rock-ons-root you can leave that at the default permissions.

Hopefully that should help to clarify things. Best to use specific users for specific Rock-ons where the Rock-on allows for this. And if you need to share read write access between rock-ons then use the group and ensure the users are members of the relevant group.

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