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New to RockStor - Had trouble getting my HP N40L installed - After running into issues with the latest ISO installer, I tried with a much older version but ran into trouble upgrading. Ultimately, I found the suggestion to use “nosmp” in the installer, and was able to install after having removed all the disks from the machine (installed to USB media). At any rate, I put the disks in and it seemed to think my USB media was in a pool with one of the drives. I couldn’t figure out how to get it to remove that, so I ended up removing the drive, and then it let me delete it from the interface.

So, I ended up using a different disk than the one that was originally there - Now have two 2 TB and two 3 TB disks, using mirrored pools. However, when I went to the Share screen, I have a home share there which seems to show the capacity of the disk I removed (my 8 TB drive), part of the “rockstor_rockstor” pool. I can’t delete it (the Trash can icon isn’t there). The WebGUI shows this error at the top:

##### Houston, we’ve had a problem.

Unknown client error doing a GET to /api/shares/home/snapshots?page=1&format=json&page_size=5000&count=&snap_type=

It says to open a ticket with, but that domain doesn’t resolve.

Do I need to go through the entire reinstallation process? And if I do, will that change my UUID for stable updates?

I did figure out that some of my issues were browser related - Switched to Firefox and now the web interface is working better (I don’t see AFP anymore in the menu).

However, my /home share that’s listed as over 7 TB is still showing up. Not sure how to fix that, or if that requires a re-install.

@ptaylor Welcome to the Rockstor community.

There are quite a few questions here.

Possibly as that sounds like stuff went pretty strange there for a bit.

Yes this is normal and normally relates to the system pool of rockstor_rockstor. So hence not being able to remove this.

My concern here is that some of this sounds like some really early errors had. Our most recent ISO is now over 2 years old so you really need to use that one only really. And if not then only the one just before that and it will need:

yum update

to get it into shape and a lot of time as there are hundreds of upstream and our own updates to go in to even the most recent ISO.

Also note that an install normally only takes 20 to 30 mins maximum. If it’s taking any long than that you system drive is way too slow. We only really work satisfactorily on fast USB keys. Not regular cheap ones.

This link not working is a know issue with some kinds of error reporting. We have a recent open issue for this which is awaiting attention:

either that or your are running a very early version of Rocktor.

Not if your appliance has a sane and non fake product uuid. We have had troubles with the Gen8 Microserver as that has a non unique product uuid.

If you could start by letting us know the current version number you have installed:

And what version of ISO did you end up using.

I would suggest though that know you know the magic kernel command line to use to re-install as you originally intended with as newer ISO as possible. Only the latest and one directly before are workable really.

Oh and you can always use our Appman facility to update your Stable Channel subscription Appliance ID if you find it does change under your:

Ok just noticed your newer post. I’ll post what I’ve written anyway in case it’s relevant.

Yes we have just removed it in 3.9.2-56. It’s essentially a dead project that is being dropped by more and more DIY NAS setups as time goes on. Plus Apple now favours the SMB protocol for their Time Machine stuff.

See the most recent post in the following forum thread:

By the way, what browser was playing up for you? We generally only support Firefox and Chrome.

The /home share is normal and relates to some folks use of the /home btrfs subvol that is default on the system drive. You can ignore it really. We just surfaced it within the Web-UI for those that may want to use it. But it’s not really a good idea to use the system pool (rockstor_rockstor) for data as then one looses the system / data split.

I’ve gone through the installation and update process again. This time, I pulled the drives (except the USB), booted from the 3.9.1 CD. After installation was done, I did a “yum update” at the CLI before I ever logged back into the web GUI. There were 774 sections to the update (cleanup, etc).

I rebooted, logged into the WebGUI (via Firefox, not Safari as I used initially). It prompted me to upgrade - I activated Stable updates, and let it upgrade to the latest version. After that update, it complained about the kernel (I think?) wanting me to reboot. So I did.

Afterward, I logged in, went to storage and imported the pools I had before, and it found the shared I had before on those drives.

So, I think I’m on the right path to getting this working well. And with the fact that it imported my pools, I’m assuming my data would have been there as well, if I had copied anything there yet.

So far, so good.


@ptaylor Thanks for the update and glad you got it sorted more smoothly this time.


Yes, Pools, share, and snapshots are imported as-was. A caveat here is that only those elements created by a prior Rockstor instance are imported, as they are the only ones, due to their location, that are recognised by Rockstor anyway.

We have the following doc entry on importing prior Rockstor pools:

Thanks for reporting your findings by the way.

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