Things missing after restoring from backup

Based on what I have found those things are missing:

  1. HDD’s Power Status. I had No spin down with APM 254 and this has been lost.
  2. Email configuration
  3. Netatalk service

@shocker Hello again:

Yes, two of these are not included in our config save and restore as explained in the following recently updated doc entry:

Though we could include them in the not supported list: pull requests welcome as always. Our doc repository is:

And the Netatalk service is no longer supported as of 3.9.2-56:

So there is no restore any longer for that service. That’s another doc update required on that one by the looks of it. Again if you fancy doing a pull request on that one we could specify the version we dropped AFP for config save and restore.

I’ve opened the following doc issue for the AFP removal that covers the restore omission you have highlighted:

Thanks again @shocker

Also given this is not opeSUSE specific we should maybe edit the title on this one.

Cool thank you for poiting this out. I’ll switch to SMB then :slight_smile:
The only issue that I have is hat mac os is limited on NFS support and sometime I’m getting into permission issues. It’s not that flexible as the linux one, but smb will do :slight_smile:

P.S. Changed the topic title now.

Thank you

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