To all Stable Channel subscribers

Just a friendly reminder that our last and now old CentOS based testing channel had a rather deceitful bug.

If you updated to Stable from 3.9.1-16 (last available CentOS based testing release), you have likely been affected by this issue. But if you subscribed to Stable directly from our last iso install, or a prior Stable channel install then you are likely not affected.

Essentially this bug would cause available version to be displayed as installed version within the Web-UI.

If you have subscribed to Stable and installed the apparent updates and don’t see an option to disable quotas on your pool then you are affected.

What you should see is a “Quotas” column in the Pools page table:


and it’s counterpart on each Pool Details page:

The one-off fix if you don’t see these quota options is to simply run, as root user:

yum update

in the terminal after subscribing to Stable channel updates.

But again if you see a quote disable option then you are NOT affected as this highly visible option was only introduced in the Stable channel after our last CentOS based Testing Channel release (3.9.1-16).

This highly irritating bug was fixed a long time ago but only after our now legacy CentOS based testing channel was no longer receiving updates.

Hope that helps.

And if you are no longer receiving Stable Channel updates as per:

then please check your subscription status and current Appliance ID in Appman (Appliance ID Manager):

A Sign Up / In is required with your ‘shop’ email address.

We do have a known update failure case for a limited subset of subscriptions which I will fix upon reporting to me your current Appliance ID via a private message here on the forum. Subscription extensions, and possible reactivation, will result if you are affected by way of an apology/compensation for not receiving rockstor package updates when they were due.

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