UI Date mess in scrub window

Hi folks,

I just rechecked for my scrubs to work as designed.
This is OK, but in the Web UI scrub table the listed dates are plain wrong :frowning_face:

  1. It would be good, if the table itself would be sorted by ID UtoL (as default!).
  2. “Start Time” shows the scheduled cron start time, not when the job itself had been started.
  3. “End Time” shows the start time from ‘btrfs scrub status’ output, but not the calculated end time.
  4. When picking date/times for the scheduled scrub, it shows in 24h formatting. The table shows UK time formatting. It would be good to go for internationalization or ISO.

As always just my .02€


@Christian_Rost Hello again.

Yes I was working in this area just of late and it’s definitely a weak UI area in need of some polish:

Yes I agree.

This is intentional as this is the “Task history” and details the task times, you will find the actual scrub times, or near enough on the scrub tab in the pool details page: Storage - Pools - Click-on-name - Scrubs-tab

This is actually just +2 seconds on from the task start time and has just been fixed in the latest release in the testing channel updates:

via the following pull request merge:


Yes I agree with this also; although I think it’s actually UTC time but yes 24h in keeping with the scheduler UI. I’d also like to see the pool name turned into a link to the pool details page and have each status column entry link to a bunch of stats that we stash for every scrub that isn’t otherwise surfaced, and to have this table normalised to that shown in the pool details scrub tab. So definitely a few nice little enhancements to be had. If you fancy opening a couple of GitHub issues detailing your 1. and 3. in turn and link those issues back to this thread that would be good. But try not to overload each issue as the smaller and more focused they are the better.

and more than welcome. These would be good ‘new code contributor’ issues as well and as mentioned this area of the UI is definitely an outlyer on the polish front. Not a single link on the entire page. But hey, at least it exists and that makes it easier to contribute / enhance than starting from scratch.

Thanks for again taking the time to contribute.