Unsupported kernel(4.4.5-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64)


After upgrading to 3.8-14 I’m getting the message below:

You are running an unsupported kernel(4.4.5-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64). Some features may not work properly. Please reboot and the system will automatically boot using the supported kernel(4.6.0-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64)

I’ve rebooted from the shell (is there a way to do it from the GUI?) and the problem continued. Shutdown from the shell and restarted and the message continues.

Any directions is appreciated.


You can reboot the machine via GUI by clicking the Power Button in the top right corner behind your username.
You get the errormessage because the system boots the wrong entry in boot menu.
Had the same issue with mine. This post helped me https://forum.rockstor.com/t/rockstor-fails-to-boot-with-kernel-3-18-1/77/14

Let us know if it works


@m3elloa and @Mark93 this may have been down to a little hickup in the updates where if one updated within a small time window directly after updates were available Rockstor failed to configure the new 4.6 kernel as the default, but still knew it should be default; hence the message.
See the following post from @suman for an explanation:

From the posting times it would look like @m3elloa may also have been caught by this as @aehinson was in that thread.

And as @Mark93 's most eloquent (and helpful) post requests “Let us know if it works”.

ie in your case of presumably updating within this small problematic time window, a simple

yum update

may sort things (Hopefully).

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The update did work, thanks.

I do avoid update and/or install anything in the OS of applications like RockStor as it is normal for developers to make changes to the kernel to meet the application need and doing so could break or cause a serious issue. In this case I’m going to make a note to self that OK.

Thank you again and to @Mark93 to point me to the little poweroff icon (maybe also have it inside the drop downs would help :slight_smile: