Update to -23 from -20 failed?


Tried to apply the update. It did it’s thing, no errors reported, but after completion / reboot, GUI still reports -20.

Is this a known issue?


Nope… took a second but it’s still showing -20, update available to -23?

@smanley Hello again.

Yes, we currently have an upstream repo update related issue which has been reported by @satello and @peter in the following thread:

Along with the following confirmed GitHub issue for the same:


Looks doable but have yet to address this one myself and may require repository related updates which is more in @suman 's realm.

Hope that helps.


OK. So we’ll expect an annoucement?

System seems stable, just did some drive maintenance and all good, so will leave be.

@smanley You should still be able to get rockstor only update by running “yum update rockstor” command on the terminal as root user.

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