Updating older version


I have inherited a rockstor v3.9.1
I am wondering if this is still supported by yum repo, or what my options are. The machine is functioning and seems in order. However yum-update security and packages seem to not be working proper. Is there an updated yum-repo list that maybe still supported by rockstor?
BTW, great to see BtrFS in productive use.



@axtell Welcome to the Rockstor community

Yes 3.9.1 is now > 2.5 years old and we do still have an active and up-to-date Stable Channel subscription repository for this variant. It’s currently still our only Stable channel offering.

In order to diagnose your issue it will be necessary to find out which update channel this machine is subscribed to. You can find this out by clicking on the version number (top right) within the Web-UI.

Note that we not longer have a testing channel active for our to-be legacy CentOS offering and if this is ‘in production’ it’s recommended that it be subscribed to the Stable Channel which was last updated 12 days ago.

As there is a risk that pasting the output of for example:

yum update

could expose your Appliance ID and activation code you can PM (Private Message) me here on the forum with the output of this command. Hopefully I can then sort out your options to get this updated.
If you could also include the following:

yum info rockstor

That would help.

So PM me with the output of those commands, run as the root user, and we can take it from there as it may be your system is affected by a bug we had for some older accounts when we transitioned to our Appman facility. But that only relates to Stable Channel subscriptions. The following doc entry covers our update Channels and their intended use:

Update Channels: http://rockstor.com/docs/update-channels/update_channels.html

Hope that helps, and just click on my name in the forum and select ‘Message’ to initiate a PM. We can bring the discussion back here in the open once we have ruled out the potential Appman authentication issue and covered your available options, especially given you have ‘inherited’ this install.

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