Updating (Testing) from 5.0.4-0 to 5.0.5-0

I did do the zypper refresh

but that didn’t tell much, and there was no update option. I can’t remember what could have went wrong in the past, but I do seem to remember having some issues in the past with an upgrade. I have to look for the thread on that.

I believe I probably did follow the instructions for Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4 but I could have messed that up perhaps? I think I did, but since it’s been a while, I am not sure? I think I may have had problems with that a long time ago - rings a bell.

If that’s the case, would there be a way to fix that update? I honestly don’t even mind doing a re-install as long as I don’t lose my data on my drives (the share drives for files that I use).

I would like to ask 2 more questions if that’s OK, but maybe/maybe not related.

  1. What does the RockOn “Web Service Discovery for Windows Networks” actually do? I have always had that installed, and I don’t remember why or if I needed it.

  2. I recently got a new MacBook,with Sonoma 14.1.1 and now Time Machine will not back up whatsoever to a Samba Share set as a Time Machine. You may not have this answer but wondering if anything has to do with the other. My previous MacBook which was on some version of Ventura backed up flawlessly. I even recreated the shares with no avail. It basically fails and says “backup disk image could not be created” even though I can clearly see it’s creating it.

@njmike73 depending on whether @phillxnet or @Flox have any other suggestions, the reinstall should be very straightforward without losing your data/drives. You might want to do a backup of your settings:

and store those on your local machine.

here’s the documentation for the reinstall, the screenshots are not up to date at this time, but the process is pretty straightforward.


You want to ensure that you wipe/rebuild only the drive that was used for the OS. Very safest way to do it, is, of course, to shut your system down, unplug all your data drives. Boot up with the installation disk/USB stick and after the installation is complete, shutdown again, plug the drives back in and start up again (with the disk/USB removed). Then you should be able to reimport your pool(s) with all their shares.

Before you upload/run the configuration restore you want to ensure that the Rockon service is configured and active. Then you should be good to go.

  1. the WSDD Rockon allows for windows machine to see the samba shares of Rockstor in their network folder. Otherwise, you can only connect to them using the explicit IP. You only need the Rockon, no zypper install of wsdd is then necessary.

  2. I am not sure, but maybe you need to add to the configuration of the samba share. I posted a little bit ago an How-to and asked for feedback (none so far) on that, so it works for even for iOS.

Take a gander there, and see whether that might help. The Time Machine setting should be enough, but may be Sonoma had some breaking changes for that …

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