When is the next Kernel update being planned? 4.15 is getting out during January

…there is a couple if new features included in 4.15 that help with Meltdown and Spectre, maybe some BTRFS enhancements I’ve not checked so far - maybe worth to think of an early implementation into the next Rockstor release? :wink:

thx @suman

…time has passed since my last post, 4.19.11 stable is already out, 4.20 is getting close to final.
It has been very quite with regards to this topic (no reply, no update through the official stable rockstor update channel) - no need to be seen by @suman

Thanks for sharing your view and outlook!

Merry Christmas,

Hi @glenngould,

There won’t likely be any change from the current Kernel being used until the Rebase to OpenSUSE occurs.


Thanks for your comment and link - I was not aware of this possible move (missed that one)…I was quickly looking through all the posts but was not able to read a clear timeline…will keep an eye open…
Currently thinking in moving to FreeNAS as the last couple of months Rockstor appeared to stand still…:thinking: