3.6-4 is available!

We fixed up and enhanced Rockstor -> Rockstor Share replication support in this substantial update, along with a couple of other smaller issues. Checkout our blog post for more information about this update.


update away!

Now that kernel 3.19 is out with all the raid5/6 fixes, when do you think you’ll have the update for it? :slight_smile:

I’ve started testing it the day it was released, so far so good. perhaps in the next 2-3 weeks? In other words, the update after next. I don’t mean to stall unnecessarily, just want to make sure everything’s cool.

Could you upload an ISO file for 3.6-4 to the sourceforge page?

You don’t need an ISO for 3.6-4. Just download and install the 3.5-5 ISO and once you fire up the web-ui, you can update to the latest with a couple of clicks. Here’s a demo video that may be useful.