3.7-4 now available

Hello Everyone,

Limited release of Rock-ons we’ve all been waiting for + a bunch more new stuff and without packaging issues, this time :slight_smile:

This is a nice treat for all of us waiting for Rock-ons, though, let me set your expectations. This is a limited release with only OpenVPN and Plex. Others will be added soon(I really need them too). Also, the UI/UX for Rock-ons is going to get better iteratively.

Read all about the update in these two blog posts



So i just recently installed rockstor and updated it via the webgui to the latest, afterwards I plugged in a new hard drive and made my first share where I pointed the rock ons.

Unfortunately It wont install the Plex Rock on, if you guys need logs or debugging let me know what info you need me to run.


Hey, thanks for giving it a try. It’s possible that the error is due to network timeout. It will be really useful to see the logs. If you can tar /opt/rockstor/var/log directory and ship it to support@rockstor.com, it would be great.

Sent! let me know if it helps or you need more information.