3.7-5 now available!

Hello Everyone,

We just made the 3.7-5 release update available, with enhancements to Replication, Snapshots and service monitor. Read all about it on the blog post and update away!

Thanks jb510! Yes, the demo site will be updated soon.


Also… not sure if it’s just me, but several things in the discourse forums are broken for me (been like this since it launched)

  1. I can’t use the comment form unless I first toggle off Show Rich Text first.
  2. None of the menu links in the header work.

I get a dozen 404s in the console for css and js assets.

Very cool to see the new releases coming out frequently. Any chance to get the demo site (currently running 3.0-8) updated any time soon?

Thanks for alerting us. I just fixed a bunch of issues with the forums. Let me know if you see any other problems.