3.7-8 update now available!

Hello Everyone!

3.7-8 update is now available. We’ve added support for S.M.A.R.T monitoring of Hard Drives, significantly enhanced our core api layer and added a bunch of functional tests. Read the blog post for more information.

After this update I get errors when going to Dashboard, Storage or rockons.

I have followed the error message instructions and sent an email to support@rockstore with the text of the error and the error logs.


Thanks for sending us the logs Ted!

There is a small bug that slipped up causing trouble. It’s already fixed and will be made available in the next release update. We are trying to get the next one out within a week.

We just released 3.7-9 and it should fix the error. Please update and post to the forums if you need any help.

The 3.7-9 fixed the errors I reported Thanks  I also noticed it went to Kernel 4.0.2 cool.  The rock-ons still can’t be installed.  It said I can monitor the progress on the rock-ons page and it will say it is in transition about after about 1-2 min it just goes to the screen that states “There are no Rock-ons installed currently.”  That goes for both OpenVPN and Plex