3.8.7 Installation hangs when booting from usb

I used unetbootin to create a bootable usb drive using the 3.8.7 installation iso, and boot hangs for ages before exiting to a shell. So it boots, I see the kernel messages, but then after a while it just hangs.

I tried rebooting, it still did the same thing.

I suspected a problem with usb booting so I tried again using an actual burnt cd and everything worked.

I should have captured more information for you to fix this, sorry about that!

unetbootin doesnt work with every iso, here this is the case.
it works by extracting the sqashfs and installing a “custom” bootloader ontop, which works for most distribution, but not all.
lili might work, have not tested this, but it usually yields better results than unetbootin.

when doing uefi booting most tools for usb dont work, sadly.

Would there be a way to make it work, like with Fedora? I was very lucky that I had an old cd writer lying around!