3.8-7 now available for download

Hello Everyone!

Another unusually quick but packed update is now available. We managed to improve a bunch of little things that I hope all of us will appreciate. The highlight of the update, however, is the UI face lift. Credit goes to @snamstorm for some really cool contributions. For details, please read our blog post.

We also created a new ISO with this update making it easy for new installs. Please download the latest 3.8-7 ISO if you want to install the OS.

Hi Suman,
Thanks for new ISO release. Other than demo link, do you have AWS Image or VM image,
which will give a quick start for new users like me?

@lakshmipathi_g I don’t think @suman has any other image types just yet but there is a small section on evaluating rockstor in the Installation section of the docs. It links to a video on installing in VirtualBox and another link to installing in VMM under linux.

Are you having troubles with the now only hours old iso? For me the SourceForge download of 3.8-7 iso was incomplete; I believe the team knows of this problem now and it should be sorted in the next 8 hours or so at a guess. But the torrent download should be good. Proper size for iso should be 727 MB for this version.

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Allthough I was hoping for a kernel 4.2 release, I will still applaud you for the fast progress RockStor is making.

In the short time I have been using it, there have been some major improvements :smile:
Keep up the good and very promising work!

Thanks for alerting us all @phillxnet. It showed the right size when I uploaded last night, anyway I uploaded a new one and md5sum checks out. Here’s the md5sum: d65c0c80551eaf26eabca0c6ef60c4ea .

@phillxnet also provided some ideas to ensure legitimacy of the ISO going forward, we’ll certainly improve the current system soon.

@KarstenV 4.2 is coming, most likely in the next update. It will go into testing repo in a few days. I want to test it for at least couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Hi @lakshmipathi_g. AWS image will be available soon, I’ll update this topic when that happens. For VM image, does a vdi file work in VMWare?

(Sorry for the delay). AFAIK, vdi doesn’t works with VMWare, but there are conversion tools which can create vmdk file from vdi file. VDI format should be sufficient for demo. Its much more easier to setup VirtualBox on Linux than VMWare workstation.