3.8-8 iso availability

When will this be available? After reading a few forum items i’d prefer a fresh install instead of upgrading 3.8-7.
Thank you.

Hi @johnk Welcome to Rockstor community!

We usually don’t update the ISO with every release update. If you look at the history, ISOs are built every few updates as and when we need to make changes to stuff outside Rockstor application code. Or when there are so many package updates since the last ISO that updating packages after install takes a long time.

What is it that concerns you specifically?

The Installation post entitled “Bug in web-interface on 3.3-8” and some forum reported issues regarding network noip. Also phillxnet indicated that there were some changes in networking between versions 3.8-7 and 3,8-8. I did not, like some others, want to get into a fixupbug workaround situation on a new install. Also if I interpret what I’ve read correctly, the upgrade to 4.2.2 of btrfs may provide the opportunity for greater reliability than that in the 3.8-7 version you were using.
In short I would like to start off on the latest version. This way neither you nor I have to focus on trying to determine if it’s an upgrade issue or if it’s a new version problem.

Fair concerns, but a new ISO doesn’t fix them by itself. A new ISO primarily saves time to upgrade a set of packages.

The fixes for reported problems come in the form of rockstor package updates. I am yet to look into the “changing IP addresses not reflecting in the appliance information on the web-ui” issue, but it’s one to be fixed very soon. There are a couple of issues filed by @roweryan that are inter related and I can’t wait to fix them. Having said that, unless you plan to change ip addresses after install, this shouldn’t be a concern.

Regarding 4.2.2 kernel, when you update from 3.8-7 to 3.8-8, the new kernel is installed as part of the update. You will be prompted to reboot and it will reboot into new kernel.

I do think you have valid concerns, so if you want to wait, I understand. Just want to explain what a new ISO provides and what it doesn’t.

I’ll watch to see when these issues are resolved.

Thank you.

FWIW, I installed a few weeks back using the 3.8.7 ISO, and then updated to 3.8.8 without problem.

Thank you for the response. I still would like to have a fresh install of a version that is touted as being more reliable and stable. The authors have been working with this and have their comfort level. Also they have to support users that have upgraded. My guess this is most of their base and thus their greatest concern -rightfully so.
As a newcomer reading the wiki I would prefer working with a fresh install of an application that is the first of its kind. So, I’ll wait.