3.8-9 now available

Hello Everyone,

3.8-9 is now available. We’ve made a lot of improvements in this release and I am very thankful for active involvement from community members off late. Please keep it coming in whatever capacity you are interested in!

Many of you are probably following the dev log post and if so, you are already familiar with what’s been under construction for this release. So I am not going to write about details here. However, as usual, you can read the blog post for a detailed report.

I’ve also created a new ISO for new users, but existing users subscribed to Stable updates should be able to just update from the Web-UI.

Is the SourceForge file for 3.8-9 correct? It is smaller than the one downloadable using the torrent and its size is not a multiple of 2048 as is expected with an iso. Booting from it works, but it fails to verify with: This media is not good to install from

SF file: 663928674 bytes with MD5 of f2dea9c2312151b65d07de61a0d07d73
Torrent file: 738197504 bytes with MD5 of a8d4d48c5835fb686e6768ccaac7fabe

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the SourceForge file doesn’t work for me, I get “Error setting up base repository” during installation. The torrent link is still for 3.8.7, the correct link for the torrent is: http://rockstor.com/downloads/Rockstor-3.8-9.iso.torrent

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Thank’s @macarbiter and @nas_user . Yes last time there was an issue with the Sourceforge download as well. Give it a few hours and @suman should have it sorted. My download (UK) was also broken from Sourceforge: only 663.9MB rather than a little over 700 MB as @macarbiter indicated for the self checking torrent file.

We have a related open issue and a direct open issue on publishing the md5sum which can hopefully soon be sorted. I at least like to confirm the iso prior to install so; we are getting there. :blush:

Thanks again for pointing out this problem. I expect @suman will indicate here once the Sourceforge download and torrent link are sorted.

Thanks again everyone.

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Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the trouble. Soon after I uploaded the file, we had a network outage and I couldn’t verify it. Normally I download it and verify manually. Thanks @phillxnet for updating the community while I get some sleep :slight_smile:

It should all be good now. md5sums checkout as well as manual verification.

@nas_user, SF file should be good now. Also, for the torrent link, your browser may have cached the old page. I saw as many as 20 peers downloading last night. Let me know if this is still an issue. You may want to hard refresh the browser.

Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks guys! I’ll be back to report how things go

FYI, my (stable channel) automatic update appears to have gone fine.

Im not receiving this on the fast channel… is this normal?

Yes. The last testing update is mostly the same except for a few hot fixes went in at the end. They will be part of next testing update. Thanks for the question.

From the changelog, that doesnt seem to be the case. Also i got the idea that the stable channel was going to be slower than the testing channel, exactly because testing channel also works as a “buffer” “tested by the community”.
If Stable just deploys this changes, they are not tested by the community, etc.

I think in a few releases we’ll reach a near perfect equilibrium where the cadence of testing updates will be fast and frequent enough that we don’t have a situation like this where stable is slightly ahead.

A new testing update is just about to be released, so that’s what you want. More info in the soon to be created dev log post.