3rd party Rock-ons from Bug11/Tronder88

Hello everybody,

I have for the time beeing added a 3rd party repo where I add rockons (my playground). They are not quality tested, and therefore not uploaded to official Rock-stor repo. https://github.com/tronder88/rockons-extra/

No official assistance will be given here, and please note that all files must be manually downloaded into “rockons-metastore”. I hope that this will give homeusers a quicker way to solve their needs, and also give the developers more time to build/bugfix the OS.

I’m happy to create rock-ons on request, or I will upload if submitted to me to share with the rest of the community.

Rockons ready so far:
HTPC Manager
Duplicati - need testing (NOTE: Beta/canary edition)
rutorrent - linuxserver.io version, no plugins

Currently working on (uploaded because it builds fine but random error, hope someone else see my mistake here):
Owncloud with MySQL db - need bugfix
Embyserver for autoupdate

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Thank you so much for your work.
Would you mind looking into emby (media server)?
The official rock-on runs well but I think it doesn’t get updated =/

From what I see, it looks like the official EMBY server is auto-updating, i.e. just turn off and on the rock-on should be enough to update.

If you however have trouble, I will look into it.

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I even reinstalled the whole Rock-on but didn’t get a newer Version.
After asking the Emby community I got the following:
Not [updatable] from the gui
You can from the command line, the wiki explains how to even do a cron job so that it automatically updates on its own

Is it possible to trigger an update from the Rockstor interface? (Well certainly not at the moment, but it would be nice as this is the way you update software in Synology’s DSM for instance.)

PS: Maybe we need an extra topic for this because I don’t wanna blow this thread up ^^

Alternative is to program watchtower docker. That is on my todo list. However I am unsure if the api is available. If API is available, then it will be easy to program the watchtower, and it will monitor the docker hub for new images (and for automated builds, that means autoupdate).

But I will look into this in a few days and update this thread.

Duplicati is done !!! And tested towards Google drive.

Not tested towards Amazon or other, will be in future

rutorrent added, linuxserver.io image, no plugins

Hi! I tried the duplicati rockon. Installing went fine. But after updating duplicati from the website I can’t login again. ( Password is not accepted anymore.)