3ware 9650SE, large partition seen as multiple 2TB disks

I have a RAID10 configured on the 9650SE, with raw capacity of 5.7TB.
Rockstor saw that space as 3 disks: 2TB,2TB,1.7TB.

I added them to a pool and used it as single space, however it’s weird that the OS cannot see a single large disk (as the controller shows it).

Anyone had experience with this issue?

Can you specify what the underlying devices are that make up the RAID10 (i.e. physical HDDs)? I am under the assumption that you really need at least four physical disks to make a RAID10.

I have four 3TB Seagate disks, that the 3ware controller configured as a Raid10 (with net usable space of 5.7TB).
Rockstor should just see a 5.7TB disk, instead, it sees disks of 2TB,2TB, and 1.7TB

Only thing I can think of is: have you used something like fdisk to format the underlying drives beforehand? I’ve seen comments on “low-level” partitioning causing some issues in the RAID setup. Unless you have already used them for storage, can you redo the setup (i.e. wipe the drives with low-level formatting, etc.)?

I have not experienced this problem in the past with a hardware RAID setup though…

I recreated the array splitting the RAID10 in two Raid1. Now the raid1 disks are seen completely (2.7TB net) and only one is still in two pieces (this was a raid1 even before). I’m not sure why but it’s good enough for what I need :slight_smile:
I will also try to low format the partition still in pieces. Thanks for your feedback!