4.0.7 ISO Creation

I’ve followed the steps detailed in https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-installer/blob/master/README.md to create an ISO, but this created an ISO of the Version 4.0.4 .

How can I create an ISO of the Version 4.0.7?

Inside the kiwi file there are lines that reference 4.0.4-0, change them to 4.0.7-0

for example

<preferences profiles="Leap15.2.x86_64,Leap15.3.x86_64,Tumbleweed.x86_64">
    <!--Change to reflect the Rockstor version used #.#.# (rpm version) -# (rpm release)-->

would become

<preferences profiles="Leap15.2.x86_64,Leap15.3.x86_64,Tumbleweed.x86_64">
    <!--Change to reflect the Rockstor version used #.#.# (rpm version) -# (rpm release)-->

That’s what I did to create the 4.0.7 ISO

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Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but you can also just install 4.0.4 and update it to the latest.


You’re entirely correct; I was about to mention the same thing but you beat me to it, thanks a lot!

@D3xter, as @Emmanuel_perez said, you can also subscribe to the Testing channel and you should be able to update to 4.0.7 this way.

Let us know how it goes, and well done on making your own installer… Enjoy!


I can make a new topic for this, but I found that kiwi-ng works great on other OSes when using the kiwi-boxed-plugin

This is like Vagrant, but uses KVM on other linux distributions to do the build.

My process goes like

$ cd rockstor-installer
$ python3 -m venv kiwi-env
$ ./kiwi-env/bin/pip install kiwi kiwi-boxed-plugin
$ ./kiwi-env/bin/kiwi-ng 
$ ./kiwi-env/bin/kiwi-ng --profile=Leap15.2.x86_64 --type oem system boxbuild --box leap -- --description ./ --target-dir ./images --set-repo obs://openSUSE:Leap:15.2/standard 

It’s not the fastest, but it works well for me

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@kageurufu Hello again.

Yes a new topic/thread may well be a good idea here actually. And in fact we have the following in our rockstor-installer repo Readme:

We hope later to transition to a newer mechanism within kiwi-ng where by KVM is employed to create the required build environment. Any assistance with this endeavour would be much appreciated. See: kiwi-ng’s new boxbuild capability.

And in which case, if you fancy submitting a pull request with say an additional paragraph with this option along with an explanatory paragraph indicating it’s extra overheads but greater host compatibiliy that would be great. I’d like now (since making this Readme comment) to preserve the ‘native’ method but we could always have the, linked in Readme, boxbuild method as the ‘recommended’ method. Freeing folks from having to establish a specific Leap install for the purpose.

Thanks for sharing your findings on this. I’d yet to get around to testing this boxbuild method myself as it was only added to kiwi-ng after we had already established our docs and method as presented in the Readme. But it would be great to have it as an additional set of instructions as it’s quite the feature/capability.

The following doc section may help with this contribution if you fancy having a go:
Community Contributions: https://rockstor.com/docs/contribute_section.html

Hope that helps.