A feature I would like to have

Dear RockStor makers,

I’m still learning slowly from my RockStor box.
there is something I miss a lot is a file manager (I mean like File Commander) that I can use to browse on the different volumes/shares.
do you think you could implement this one day ?
Thanks in advance

And make it network capable so you can use it to transfer files to/from other network shares, so you don’t have use other computers to copy large amounts of data.

This would be a nice feature for those less knowledgeable about using the command line.

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Take a look at the owncloud rockon.

Thanks for explaining the usecase. Is this just for browsing/viewing contents of Shares on the WebUI or are you thinking about editing files, saving, renaming, delete etc… right from the WebUI?

For some reason Owncloud won’t install on my RockStor.

Anyway I am not sure it has the wanted functionality.

But as I have never seen it in action, I can not be certain.

OwnCloud offers a demo of there product found here

sorry for the delay.
@suman: I was thinking of something that would permit me to navigate in the file tree and be able to copy/move/rename etc etc from the RockStor GUI.
@KarstenV: yes, I’ve installed OwnCloud, but it’s not my “cup of tea”. first of all it’s User oriented. I mean, user “erix” will see and manipulate erix’s documents, pictures on so on. not all the files, not all the shares, volumes etc etc
for the moment, I did not find other software to install on top. I’ve tried “webmin” that works fine and “ajenti”.
They gave few extra views of the system.
I’m confident of the quality of RockStor and its dev team and hope you will find a solution.

I wanna jump onto it as well.
Having a web based “explorer” would be fine. easy taks are just enough like already mentioned, and I know that other NAS products do offer the functionality.
Would just be nice!

@erixbzh I think what you are asking for is a pydio rock-on? https://pyd.io/

I am also after this functionality as it is the only reason I have not moved to Rockstor. Pudio is not what we are looking for, it is more like Ajaxplorer.

Hi @beaglenz, currently Rockstor not having a file manger, but…did you check our shell access via webui? :slight_smile:

That’s a full shell access inside Rockstor webui