About the Wiki category

This category is for Wikified posts only, which are special posts that can be edited by all users over a trust level. Multiple users can collaboratively edit the post like a Wiki. We are doing this instead of hosting a full blown Wiki system.

Part of Rockstor functionality is making complex sysadmin functionality easily configurable from the UI. The developers of Rockstor are experienced users and fans of Linux, but they are not all professional sysadmins unlike a lot of our users.

Wikified posts are the way for domain experts and sysadmins to collaborate with developers and ensure faster addition and robust implementation of features they care about. They also serve as reference documents detailing internal implementations and assumptions. Having this detail clearly documented helps us fix bugs, implement functionality properly and improve efficiently. In a way, Wikified posts are more accessibly and understandable code documentation for system level stuff.

If there is a feature that’s not yet available, say, nic bonding (which is now available but still), and you know the configuration recipes to achieve that manually on Rockstor, please create a new wiki post and document everything. You can use other wikified posts for reference. This will increase the chances of the feature being implemented quickly which will benefit everyone!

Not everyone can create a Wikified post. If you don’t have the permission to wikify a post, you can and should still create the post and indicate in your post that it should be wikified. We’ll gladly wikify it and bump up your trust level to further edit. This is a great way to level up!