Access Rockstor admin screen from outside LAN

I‘m running Rockstor on a server on my local network, but would like to access the admin screen from outside the LAN. My router passes ports 80 and 443 to the server‘s ip, but I still can‘t seem to get through.
Thanks for reading and any hints are greatly appreciated.

@silentspider, not sure what your issue could be. Using DynDNS pointing to the public IP and a port like 18443 on the WAN side, which I then forwarded to the :443 worked fine for me.

So, on the router it would look something like this (which I assume is what you did for your router as well):


Hi Hooverdan and thanks for your reply.

This is basically how I’ve set things up and its working. I was taken aback by my browser complaining about the non-secure connection. Not sure what was wrong, though, since you normally just get a warning but are given the option to proceed anyway. I was getting “Error 400 Bad Request”. But that somehow went away…